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Vaishnav Innerfaith Pushtimargiya Organization (VIPO) endeavors to unite Vaishnavs globally with a collective goal to play a positive role in the world for the upliftment of all irrespective of color, caste, national identity, gender, age, religion or socio-economic status, by developing social, religious, spiritual and cultural values to spread love, knowledge, and positivity through loving selfless service- “Seva.”

Who Is A Vaishnav?

Anyone offering divine loving services to Lord Shree Krishna by dedicating and finding refuge in Him is called a Vaishnav. A Vaishnav does not harbor negative feelings of hatred, jealousy, envy etc and treats everyone with respect, equanimity and equality.


  • To promote development of socio-cultural, religious values and understanding to spread love, knowledge and positivity expressed through loving selfless service/ Seva.
  • To promote and share Pushtimargiya related cultural and religious interchanges and co-operation among Vaishnavs and Hindus at large in North America.
  • To promote a platform where young through old can come together to spread love, knowledge and positivity through loving selfless service/Seva.
  • To promote and assist charitable service activities in North America and globally for the upliftment of others irrespective of age, color, caste, national origin, gender, religion or socio-economic status.
  • To develop and promote Pushtimargiya religious and cultural education programs for all age groups.
  • To develop spiritual and religious courses and lectures , organize camps, cultural activities, building self esteem and self-improvement programs.

What Is Pushtimargiya?

Pushtimarg also known as The Path of Grace is a Vaishnav sect of Hinduism established by Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabacharya Mahaprabhuji, one of the great Acharyas of Hinduism. “Pushtimargiya” is spontaneous, selfless, motiveless love for Lord Shri Krishna expressed through service or seva..

What Is Innerfaith?

Inner faith is the divine love one experiences after realizing Shri Krishna’s true nature. It is the recognition of the all pervading nature or Brahmavad nature of God within ourselves and in the world that gives a positive outlook and attitude towards life and creates respect, understanding and awareness of one self as well as others. Unyielding faith originating from one’s experience of God’s omnipotent presence can lead to extraordinary experiences which are practical and liberating. In this state of liberation, one merges into Shri Krishna’s blissful form and no caste, creed, color, sex or age prevents one from attaining Shri Krishna’s grace. It transcends all boundaries of identity, time, space and place.

Why An Organization?

An organization such as VIPO is essential to unite like-minded individuals on a common platform by empowering them to understand themselves, others and their unique role in the world. Through its mission and goals, VIPO provides a foundation to formulate decisions for the betterment of one’s life and society at large.

VIPO – GLOBAL is a worldwide organization inspired by HDH
Shashthpithadishwar Pujya Pad Goswami 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharajshri
– Vadodara which endeavors to unite Vaishnavs of all ages by empowering them to
understand themselves and others through their unique role in the world. It’s vision
is to broaden the understanding of the Pushtimargiya way of life through social,
cultural, religious, educational and humanitarian activities; and to promote and
share cultural and religious exchanges amongst Hindus globally.
In 1995, it was established as “Vaishnav Yuva Sangathan,” in India, to encourage the
young generation to play a positive role through the practice of selfless service or
seva. Later the organization moved to the international platform as VIPO – Global.
Under VIPO – Global’s guidance and direction, several affiliated havelis in India, UK,
USA and Canada along with multiple satsang centers worldwide are actively
involved in several activities including:
– Educational Language and Religious courses for children and young adults
– Regular satsangs and spiritual discussions
– Cultural events
– Musical and Theatrical Events
– Self Improvement Lectures and Workshops
– Community Services
– Youth Camps

VIPO – Global’s vision is to cultivate Pushtimargiya Values through:
Seva: Loving selfless service to God and humanity.
Samarpan: Surrendering to God, with body, mind, spirit and wealth with complete
dedication as well as for the benefit of humanity.
Sadhbhav: A view of goodwill, harmony, and compassion towards all arising from
the understanding that both God and the individual self are the same.
Satsang: To come together to raise one’s devotional and spiritual consciousness by
chanting, singing, listening to religious scriptures.
Sangathan: An organization that unites individuals of all ages to understand one’s
self and one’s unique role in the world.